Monday, July 6, 2020

Now you will  understand the Gaon -Daf Hashavua

Daf Hashavua
Shabbos 123b

ת"ר בראשונה היו אומרים ג' כלים ניטלין בשבת

There used to be a cult who were called איסיים- טובלי שחרית.
They held that on Shabbos one may not move (מוקצה)
any כלי even a כלי שמלאכתו להיתר.

As a result, they refrained from going to the bathroom
the entire Shabbos. They wouldn't use the special shovel to
cover-up the צואה with earth.

Knowing this piece of history will help you understand
the  גאון on the last תוספתא in מס' ידים.


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