Friday, June 12, 2020

What about the rest of חזרת הש"ץ?

The (דרכי משה (רמ"א (O.Ch.125) writes that the מהרי"ל
didn’t talk from the beginning of קדושה till after
the אמן of האל הקדוש.*

What about the rest of חזרת הש"ץ?

Yes, you are allowed to talk during
חזרת הש"ץ if you are the Rav.

The ערוך השלחן writes (O.Ch. 125) " If the Rav is asked a שאלה
during חזרת הש"ץ he may and is even obligated to answer
immediately during חזרת הש"ץ and should not wait for after
Davening since it might be a time-sensitive שאלה."

Perhaps, with this ערוך השלחן
.we can explain the מהרי"ל
of not talking only till after the ברכה of האל הקדוש.


The כף החיים explains the מהרי"ל that this would have  
been only when he wasn’t Davening with that
Minyan*, otherwise you may not talk during the
entire Chazaras Hashatz.


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