Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Gemoro Medicines -Daf Yomi

Shabbos 109b


 The מהריל said that all רפואות and לחשים mentioned in Shas, are forbidden to be practiced.
It only works under certain conditions.  Someone will try it and if it won’t work might Ch"v ridicule Chazal.

There is one exception, and that is if someone has a (fish) bone stuck in his throat.

The Gemoro ( Shabbos 67a) says that he should bring another bone and place it on the back of his head and say" חד חד נחית בלע בלע נחית חד חד"

This לחש is allowed because it is בדוק ומנוסה (guaranteed) to work in all conditions."

I was just wondering if the Maharil's logic would also apply to the סגולות from צדיקים ומקובלים. Perhaps we shouldn't practice those סגולות in case it won't work and we might ridicule their סגולות.


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