Monday, May 18, 2020

Where's the cheesecake?

What to bake for שבועות

(a) Seven-layer cake

(b) 3 cornered kreplach- Haman Taschen

(c) Saffron Matzah

(d) Saffron cake

(e) 4 cornered Challah

(f)  Honey cake

I haven't found yet a source for baking cheesecake for שבועות

The Sefer יוסף אומץ ס' תתנ"ד writes the Minhag was to make a
cake/kugel in the shape of a (a) seven-rung ladder. The reason
for it is because, during  Matan Torah, Hashem tore open all
7 heavens to show that אין עוד מלבדו. 
The Minhag in many German Kehilos was to bake for שבועות 
a seven-layer cake for the seven weeks we counted.

The Sefer מנהגי ישורון writes of the Minhag to eat (b) 3 cornered
Kreplach (Haman Taschen) to commemmerate Matan Torah
דיהיב אוריאן תליתאי לעם תליתאי ע"י תליתאי ביום תליתאי בירחא תליתאי

The כל בו writes that "the מנהג בכל ישראל* is to eat on שבועות,
(c) Matzah with Saffron".The Chok Yaakov O. Ch.494 has a
(d) girsa “עוגה” (cake) instead of Matzah. The כל בו gives the reason
" because it is משמח את הלב (brings joy to the heart)."

The כל בו also writes to bake a (e) Challah with four corners
(looks like two)  to remind us of the שתי הלחם and/or it
symbolizes "twins" (מזל סיון תאומים) 

The רוקח writes that on Shavuos morning you bring the
children for the first time in Shul and serve them a specially
inscribed (f) honey cake.


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