Monday, May 11, 2020

fire worshipers

Shabbos 67a

כולהו אית בהו משום דרכי אמורי

                          FIRE WORSHIPERS 

The תוספתא (Shabbos 7:1) says clapping hands or
dancing in front of a fire is אסור because of דרכי אמורי.

Harav Hagaon R.S.Wosner zt"l (Shevet Halevi 7: 136) was
asked if dancing in camp around a bonfire is permissible or
there is an איסור of דרכי אמורי.

One of the reasons to consider why it might be מותר is
because perhaps the תוספתא is referring only when the
dancing is done for the honor of the fire.
(eg: A holy fire lit by a Rebbe who said לשם יחוד  & seven
times ויהי נועם etc.) Then it has traces & elements
of עבודה זרה.

Whereas in camp it's just done for warmth, light,& fun.
Perhaps there it is not considered מנהג עבודה זרה.

Rav Wosner answered that even in a camp bonfire there
is reason to be מחמיר and refrain from dancing around
all fires so as not imitate עבודה זרה festivals.

Those who have such a מסורה from their Zaidas and Elter
Zaidas to dance in front of a fire is אסור להרהר אחריהם.
We must assume they found a היתר why there is
no דרכי אמורי - מנהג עבודה זרה and it doesn't even look
like a חינגא של עכו"ם. (Festival)

However, those Yidden whose family originate from
Chutz Laaretz especially from Europe since they have
no מסורה of  dancing in front of a fire, for them it might
be commendable  to ask from their Rav if one may do so
and if yes, then what's the היתר.

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  1. צריכים לחשובMay 14, 2020 at 12:19 PM

    "The תוספתא (Shabbos 7:1) says clapping hands or
    dancing in front of a fire is אסור because of דרכי אמורי."

    נ"א דרכי אדמור"י


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