Tuesday, May 26, 2020


(Shabbos 81b)
part # 2

Rashi quotes from the תשובת הגאונים.

"On Erev Rosh Hashana they swung the new bean
plant 7 times around the head of the child and
said זה חליפתי etc.
Afterward the plant gets thrown into the river".

The מגן אברהם (O. Ch 605) writes that this Rashi
 (תשובת הגאונים) is the original מקור (source)
for כפרות as we know it today.

The original Minhag of כפרות was solely for the protection
of the children that they shouldn't die. 


We find in the גמרא the concept of confusing the Satan
(כדי לערבב השטן) We also find a similar case of שינוי השם
changing the name of a חולה. (sick person)

The original Minhag of כפרות was also the same idea. It
was done for the protection of the children that if there
was ח"ו a גזירה for the זרע (child)  to die we confuse the
שטן with a different זרע (seed) the bean plant which
gets thrown in the river.

At a later stage when the Minhag כפרות started for adults,
they wouldn't use the flower pot with bean זרע.
They used instead a גבר (chicken) to confuse the שטן
so not the גבר the man will die but the גבר the chicken.

The יעב"ץ writes, he doesn't understand why the use
of female chickens for females. Hens (female chickens)
are not called גברת.

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