Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Do not follow them

Parshas Hashavua
ויקרא י"ח :ג

                        ובחקתיהם לא תלכו

The  (*חכמת אדם(פ"ט:א defends Yidden from (כל ארץ אשכנז) western Europe who are dressed in modern clothing similar to the Goyim.

The חכמת אדם claims that since in Ashkenaz they never
instituted a dress code to be different than the Goyim, therefore
there is no Issur of ובחקתיהם לא תלכו** by keeping their original
dress, which is similar to the Goyim.

However, Yidden who originate from countries where they did institute a dress code that is different than the Goyim
(regardless of the reason) they may not wear clothing similar
to the Goyim. Those who do wear such clothing are
עובר on ובחקתיהם לא תלכו and are חייב מלקות.

The חכמת אדם writes that when the Russian Government i
ntroduced into law requiring all to dress in modern
clothing , the Gaon held that it was יהרג ועל יעבור. 

*This סעיף (as is) was printed only in some editions. In most editions the entire
סעיף or partial was removed due to the censors. Some new prints of today
replaced it back in again as the original print.

** The Shut Chasam Sofer (O.Ch. 159) uses a similar סברא why there is noאיסור of ובחוקותיהם for shaving.

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