Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Amazing Story -Daf Hashovua

Daf Hashavua
ברכות ס"א ע"ב

יצתה בת קול ואמרה אשריך ר"ע שיצאה נשמתך באחד 

R. Mendel Kurtz a"h, a holocaust survivor, asked R.Itzikel zt"l (Antwerp).
"We say the Avinu Malkeinu "הרוגים על שם קדשך and
טבוחים על יחודך.

Why two leshonos of שם קדשך & יחודך ?

R. Itzikel was stumped, he had no answer. R. Mendel offered the Rebbe an answer he heard from the Viyapoler Rav Zt"l.

The Viyapoler Rav said “When the Nazis ym"s marched into town,
they assembled 100 men and lined them up in front of the river. The S.S. with a machine gun started shooting from the right side and moved his gun towards the left till he mowed them all down.

When the shooting began, all men started to say the שמע in unison.
The people on the right died when they reached שמע ישראל ה' אלוקינו
They did not manage to finish the פסוק They were the הרוגים    על שם קדשך
(ה' אלוקינו   
The people on the left managed to stay alive for the extra second
to finish the פסוק& say ה' אחד. They were the טבוחים על יחודך

After R. Itzikel zt"l heard this Vort he burst into tears and couldn't stop crying.

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