Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Vort On Parshas Hashovua AND DAF HASHOVUA

 Daf Hashavua & Parshas Hashavua
Brachos 39b Parshas Yisro

זכור את יום השבת לקדשו

אמר ר' אבא ובשבת חייב אדם לבצוע על ב' ככרות מ"ט לחם משנה כתיב

There is a Machlokes Rishonim if מן fell on Yom Tov. We hold that
it didn't fall on Yom Tov, therefore we are required to have
לחם משנה on Yom Tov.

In the first Teshuva of R. Akiva Eiger, he writes that women are not מחוייב in עונג יו"ט and may fast on Yom Tov being it is a מצוות עשה שהזמן גרמא
Therefore. if they forgot יעלה ויבא in Bentching they don't need to repeat the Bentching.

The ר' תם writes that women need to eat 3 סעודות and have לחם משנה because they too benefited from the נס of the מן.

According to ר' תם, women would need to eat and have  לחם משנה on
Yom Tov as well for the same reason of שאף הן היו בנס המן.

We must assume that ר' עקיבא איגר will hold like the ר"ן who argues
on the ר' תם and holds that the only reason women need to eat on Shabbos 3 סעודות and have לחם משנה is because of זכור ושמור.

All (women as well) who are commanded on שמור, the לא תעשה
are also commanded on זכור, the מצוות עשה.

This would only apply on Shabbos where it says זכור ושמור.
and not on Yom Tov.
According to the ר"ן & ר' עקיבא איגר women have no מצוות עונג יו"ט
and may fast on Yom Tov. 


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