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אילן אילן (במה) [איך] אברכך

ברכות מ"ג ע"ב
אומר שלא חיסר בעולמו כלום

In the year 1725 the רז"ה (R. Shlomo Zalmen Hena)   printed 
the "Siddur בית תפלה” with his Pirush “שערי תפלה”. The Siddur
has a הסכמה from the חכם צבי and other Gedolim.

The רז"ה  was one of the greatest בעלי דקדוק. The פרי מגדים
refers to him as "הרב המדקדק הגדול” (O. Ch. 56)
It is said that the Vilna Gaon acquired his knowledge in Dikduk
from the Seforim of the רז"ה.

In the Siddur of the רז"ה, he corrected and changed the
נוסח wherever the Dikduk was incorrect.
He also changed words from (לשון חז"ל (כלום to (לשון תנ"ך (דבר

Most of the changes in the סידור בעל התניא are supposedly
based on the Rezah’s  Siddur “בית תפלה”.

The רז"ה was probably the first person to tamper with the
נוסח התפלה. He held that Dikduk overrides the נוסח
established by the Anshei Knesses Hagedola.

The יעבץ (R. Yakov Emden ) criticized him strongly. He
published a Sefer (לוח ארס) pointing out all the mistakes of the רז"ה.
The יעבץ in hisהקדמה writes “It is unbelievable what he(רז"ה) did.
He destroyed and broke fences, moved into territory that doesn’t
belong to him and there he destroyed and built without permission.

He made changes whenever he felt like it. He had the העזה (Chutzpa)
to tamper with the נוסח of the Anshei Knesses Hagedola”.

The יעבץ also claimed that the הסכמה from the חכם צבי was forged,
to make a great name for himself (רז"ה).

(R. Dovid Yitzchaki claimed the other הסכמות were also forged.)

R. Mordechai Duseldorff wrote a Kunteres (קונטרס ההשגות)
with 192 proofs against the רז"ה.  The Kunteres has a הסכמה
from the נודע ביהודה.

It was none other but the רז"ה who changed the נוסח of
ברכת האלנות from “  (שלא חסר בעולמו כלום (לשון חז"ל  to
(שלא חסר בעולמו דבר (לשון תנ"ך

The (שו"ת מנחת יצחק (10 – 16  criticizes the  Siddurim  printers for
changing the Nusach of the גמרא,  רמבם שלחן ערוך & all the Poskim
from כלום to דבר.


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