Tuesday, January 7, 2020

What didn't happen on א' טבת?

What didn't happen on א' טבת? 

The משנה (Ta'anis 26a) says, "The only day
of the year where we have הלל*,(whole) מוסף**
& קרבן עצים*** is on א' טבת
Due to the busy schedule on that day, there were
no מעמדות**** at all on the 1st of Teves."
The only day in the entire year not having מעמדות

*    Chanukah
**   Rosh Chodesh
***  one of the 9 times in a year when 
certain families donated wood for the מזבח
**** The אנשי מעמד fasted from Monday to Thursday 
They had a special קריאת התורה and תפילה  They
stood by every day while the Kohanim were Makriv 
the Korbanos.


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