Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Daf Yomi Matzav -stop bitul torah

ברכות כ' ע"ב

           בעל קרי מהרהר בלבו ואינו מברך

 The ירושלמי ברכות פ"ג ה"ד says, R Chanina used to pass by the gates of the Mikvah early in the morning and announce "What are the Mikvah goers doing here, they should rather go to learn.

For the latecomers, he announced they should go to work instead.

The פני משה explains that he did so because Chazal were מבטל טבילת עזרא and there is no need to waste time with the Mikvah.

The רידב"ז בשם החרדים has a different Pshat. "If someone needs to go to the Mikvah he should go in the night and not in the morning when there is ביטול תורה."


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