Friday, January 3, 2020

Step forward - step backward-Vort For Parshas Vayigash


Before starting and after ending, the שמונה עשרה,
we take three steps back and then do three steps forward.

The original תקנה was,
Stepping forward 3 steps at the start of the שמו"ע.  
(not backward).
Stepping backward 3 steps at the end of the שמו"ע
(not forward)  

The Mishna Verurah (95 SK 3) quotes the אלי' רבא, that it is
not necessary to step back before stepping forward.
However, the מגן גבורים, writes, the
מנהג העולם*
1 is to step back before stepping forward.*2

The M.V. (123 sk 8) writes, it is not necessary at end
of the שמו"ע to step forward. The ב"י quotes a ר' מנוח  
who holds you need six steps, Only according to ר' מנוח
would you need to do three backward and three
forward steps.*

1* It is very likely that it is done for practical reasons, so to end up in
your original spot (place).
2* The קיצור שו"ע. writes to step back before saying גאל ישראל and step forward after
saying גאל ישראל. The probable reason is, stepping back is not part of Tefilah –Hefsek
stepping forward is part of Tefilah hence no Hefsek. (אמבצי) 

3* In Shulchan Aruch there is no mention of the שיטת ר' מנוח  
4* see Bais Yosef numerous reasons for stepping backward none apply for
 stepping forward. (except R. Manoach- 6 steps)


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