Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Half is the whole

  לז"נ הרב מאיר צבי יצחק בן הרב חיים יואל זצ"ל
יום השנה ב' שבט 

     Half is the whole

What is commonly known as חצי קדיש (half Kaddish)
is actually the complete Kaddish.

The Tefillah of Kaddish is to be Mekadesh Sheim
Shomyim.which ends at דאמירן בעלמא.

תתקבל-יהא שלמא-& עושה שלום were added
on to the Kaddish, when ending, the Tefillah that it should
be accepted, we should have peace with each
other, and if  there is Ch"v Machlokes, Hashem should
help us make peace*

*Aruch Hashulchan O.Ch. 56:8              


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