Monday, December 2, 2019



         THE NAME GAME

In this week's Parsha we have the birth of eleven
of the שבטי יה and birth of דינה. All of them were
named by women except for לוי*.

In Parshas 
(35:18) וישלח we find both parents
naming their son. The mother called him בן-אוני and
the father called him בנימין. (different names)

In Parshas 
 (38:3,4,5) וישב we find the parents taking turns.
The first son was named by the father. The second
son by the mother. The third son was named again by
the mother.
Rishonim say that's why the Torah points out
והיה בכזיב בלדתה אותו to tell us the reason she was the
one who named this son even though it wasn't her turn,
because the father was out of town.

An interesting observation I have no Pshat yet.

Rashi quotes the Midrash, Gavriel was the one who named him לוי
The Redak holds it was Yaakov who named him.

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