Friday, December 27, 2019

Answer To The Chanuka Riddle

He needs to light twice on the same day
of Chanukah in the daytime.
The second time, he adds a candle. ?

1)The Shamash who needs to light on Friday morning
in Shul and later on in the day at home before Shabbos

a) According to the שו"ת התעוררת תשובה* If, someone
didn’t manage to light all night long, he may still light
בדיעבד in the morning even after עלות השחר before נץ
b) If one knows he will not be able to light  in
the evening one may בדיעבד light in the afternoon
after פלג המנחה 

If a & b happen on the same day He will be
lighting once in the morning and once in
the afternoon both on the same day.

He plans to travel over the date line leaving on a thursday. The first time he lights before setting off, because of a  שעת הדחק,  he relies on the שיטה that one could light from פלג and lights by day.  (see שו"ע תרע" ב סעיף א)
After an  hour on the same day he arrives, and although it's the same day for him, he is now over the dateline and it's officially friday. Now he must add a candle and light by day because it's ערב שבת.
( probably not the answer you had in mind)

* NOT הלכה למעשה as printed on top  of every single page of the Sefer


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