Monday, November 4, 2019

times have changed

           Times have changed.

The Sefer Ta’amei Haminhagim (p.553) writes, when they installed for the  first time a clock in the Shul in Pressburg, the Chareidim protested against it. They held it was wrong  to bring in new changes in the decorum of a Bais Haknesses.

The Roshei & Tuvei Hakohol ignored their request.

R.Yechiel Michel Kitzeh zt”l (Mechaber, Shalmei Nedavah) said to the Chareidim , to take  rocks in their hands and stone the
new clock.

The first rock was thrown by R. Y.M. Kitzeh followed by the rest. The clock was shattered into hundred pieces. Then he took an axe and smashed the pieces and said "Modernity is אביזורייהו דע"ז * which needs to be uprooted.

The Shoel Umeishiv  (3:1:299) was asked,
A person donated a clock and was put on the wall of the Shul. The clock was thrown out of the Shul, by the Chareidim
The question was, "What is the status of the clock".

*accessory of Avodah Zarah


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