Friday, October 4, 2019

Worse than the Nazis?

               (אשמנו מכל עם (סליחות 
We are the guiltiest of all nations.

Are we ח"ו worse than the Crusades, Nazis, Hamas ימ"ש, etc.?  

1) אשמנו מכל עם- is not part of the וידוי it
is pleading with Hashem that we are being punished
as if we were Ch"v the worst nation. (R. Zalman Sorotzkin zt"l)

2) אשמנו - our sins, מכל עם- is the fault of all the nations.
They are the cause of our sins. (R LY. Barditchever zt"l)

3) אשמנו מכל עם - We are the guiltiest of all nations
doesn't mean we are Ch"v the evilest.
We have תרי"ג מצוות and they have only seven. We are
guilty for more עבירות in numbers.
Their עבירות & crimes are millionfold worse than ours (אמבצי)

1 comment:

  1. Yes, absolutely. It is only our averios that brought Hitler, Stalin and the Crusades. Klal Yisrael controls the destiny of the world with our actions. For good or for not....


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