Friday, September 13, 2019


                                         DOUBLE RIDDLE SOLVED

a) Because he ate Treifah he won't get killed?

b)  Because he ate at a party that had music he won't get killed?

The Rambam (ממרים 7:2) writes that a בן סורר ומורה doesn't
get killed if the meat he eats is an אכילת מצוה or an אכילת עבירה

b) אכילת מצוה e.g.  eating at a סעודת מצוה
a) אכילת עבירה e.g. non-kosher meat

The Rema (O.Ch. 670:2) writes that זמירות ותשבחות turns
a Chanuka party from a סעודת רשות into a  סעודת מצוה

The 'משנה ברורה ס"ק ח adds, also, a wedding of an עם הארץ to
a בת ת"ח is considered a סעודת רשות unless they have
זמירות ותשבחות at the סעודה

Hence if a  בן סורר ומורה would be eating his meat at
a Chanukah party with music (זמירות ותשבחות)
he would not get killed.

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