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 A) The first Rashi on Tehillim writes, "The 10 people who said (authored) Sefer Tehilim are,
אדם -  מלכי צדק - אברהם - משה-  דוד-  שלמה-  אסף
-  3 בני קרח

B) There are different Mesoros as to how many Kapitlach (Parshiyos)Tehillim consists of.
a) Our מסורה is 150.
b) The Yerushalmi (Shabbos #16 Hl.1) says there are 147 Parshiyos.
c) The מאירי on Tehillim has 151

C) According to Rashi the last Kapital Tehillim Dovid wrote was Kapital 72 and ended it with the Pasuk כלו תפלות דוד בן ישי

D) The Kapital למנצח לבני קרח we say 7 times before the תקיעות on Rosh Hashana, was written bythe 3 sons of קרח

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  1. QUESTION 1: Why not use the Hebrew work PEREK insead of the Yiddish word Kapital?


    QUESTION 2: Now that you told us who wrote Tehillim, can you tell us who wrote the prayer that is traditionally recited before Tehillim?


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