Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Mikoros To Shavous Minhagim -Part 2

part 2

 מקורות למנהגים 

1) Eating seven-layer *cake.
2) Getting high by eating *cake laced with saffron

3) Throwing down apples from the Shul roof
4) Wearing face masks

5) Eating milk & honey
6) Eating a four-cornered Challah
7a) Young children are brought to Shul early
      in the morning wrapped in a coat.
7b) They are fed honey - honey*cake - an egg.

3) The תרגום שני writes that Haman told King Achashveirosh
 ישנו עם אחד מפזר ומפורד 
He pointed out all the weird Minhagim the Yidden have.

 One of them is, that on Shavuos they throw 

down apples from the roof of  the Bais 



4) The D’var Shmuel (R. S. Abuhab) #247 has a 

Teshuva re the face masks which were worn on 

Shavuos for Simcha. SEE BELOW

7) Today's  Minhag of bringing a child for the first 

time to Cheder originates back to the times of the 

Rishonim. The רוקח writes in detail how it was done 

on Shavuos.

They wrapped a coat over the child's head and 

brought him early in the morning to Shul.  The 

child was placed on the lap of the Rav who taught 

him the Aleph-Bais & some Pesukim. The child 

licked off the honey from the א ב board. They also 

fed him a specially inscribed Honey Cake and an 

inscribed egg.

The רוקח ends, "One should not change this Minhag."


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