Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Answer To The Chodesh Sivan Riddle


                        חודש סיון מזל תאומים

When do we have  that the older brother
is the one who needs to be מכבד his younger brother?

Hint: חדש סיון
Twins who were  born in a leap year, one on the 29th day in Adar 1 (ראשון) and the second one was born on the 1st. of Adar 2 (שני),

The younger brother becomes Bar Mitzvah on the 1st of Adar
& the older brother becomes Bar Mitzvah 28 days later on the
29th of Adar
(Bar Mitzvah on a regular year)

The Hilchos Ketanos (2 :174) writes:
" being the younger brother becomes a Gadol before his older brother*, the older brother is מחוייב to honour his younger brother".

The Shevus Yackov argues and holds even in this case the younger brother is Mechuyav to honour his older brother.



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