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Reb Moishe Feinsteins Vort On Parshas Bechokoisai

One year an older man came to speak in the shul I daven in

He said shortly after the war he saw a sign that Reb Moishe was speaking in  a shul on the Lower East Side Of New York.

The purpose of the speech was to give chizuk to holocaust survivors who recently immigrated to New York.

Reb Moishe asked: 

Why is the Parsha of Eiruchin right after the Toichocho? What does Eiruchin have to do with the Toichocho.

Reb Moishe Zatzal Answered:

"Oib Mir Vill Shatzen Op A Yid Darf Min zen vu er halt noch er geit durch a toichecho" 

If you want to see the greatness of yid- see how he is after he went through a Toichocho. 

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, together with Rabbi Yona Shtencel founder Daily Halacha daily mishna

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  1. “Once someone came to ask Rabbi Moshe Feinstein for a recommendation. Those around the Rabbi were incensed, because the petitioner had contemptuously and publicly attacked Rabbi Feinstein's responsa the previous year."

    "When Rabbi Feinstein agreed to supply the recommendation, they were surprised.”

    “Rabbi Feinstein explained that Yom Kippur had passed, and as is required of every Jew, he had forgiven the malefactor. How could anyone expect him to bear a grudge for something he had already forgiven with all his heart?"

    SOURCE: The Torah Profile: A Treasury of Biographical Sketches (page 206) by Rabbi Nisson Wolpin, year 1988, Mesorah Publications, Brooklyn, ISBN 0-89906-860-X.
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