Thursday, February 25, 2021

What's for supper tonight?

            What's for supper tonight?

YES : Cabbage with Rice. Wine

NO : Meat, Lentils, Chumus, Water. 

? : Legumes

The רמ"א
תרצ"ה:ב  writes to eat " מאכל זרעונים"
(seeds) on Purim.

The מקור חיים writes it should be a Chashuva
food, therefore he recommends "rice"

 The בן איש חי
פ' תצוה writes to eat legumes.

The דברי יציב (Klausenburg Rebbe zt"l) writes

"We have no such  Minhag of legumes (מאכל זרעונים)
perhaps we don't eat it because it is a מאכל אבלים".

He writes that we fulfill the מאכל זרעונים by eating cabbage.
From the רמב"ם 
כלאים פ"א ה"ח it seems all
vegetables (ירקות) are considered זרעונים

The משנה ברורה writes to eat the זרעונים on  the 
first night.

The משנה ברורה (Shar Hatzion 695 sk 12) quotes
the כל בו "Some do not to eat meat* on the first night of
Purim not to confuse it with the Seudas Purim."

The מערבית (Yotzros) for Purim in מחזור ויטרי** it says
"Cursed is the man who raises his hands to drink water
-who eats ground beans- who eats lentils [on Purim]" 

* The Chasam Sofer writes, The Minhag is to eat veal on Purim
& not beef . זכר לעגלה ערופה

**It is a very strange מערבית called "ליל שיכורים" probably
not to be taken seriously. (even though mentioned by a ראשון)


  1. Don't forget that the Shach discusses eating chicken with almonds - or almond milk - on purim.

  2. See iben ezra where he talks the new miricle food... rice


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