Tuesday, March 19, 2019

It's Kalirly in the Yerushalmi

Kalir follows the Yerushalmi

The קרובץ לפורים is on every Bracha of the שמונה עשרה
except on the Bracha “את צמח”.

Some claim the reason for this is because all the wars were
fought by מלכות בית דוד except for מלחמת עמלק
which was fought by the grandchildren of Rochel.

Mordechai was מתקן for Shaul Hamelech's war on אגוג.
Therefore we don’t mention the נס when saying
"את צמח דוד ."

The truth is, קרובץ, were written not only for Purim.
There are קרובץ for Hoshana Rabah,17th Tamuz,
10th Teves, and 9thAv. They all have no קרובץ
on את צמח.

The real reason:

The פייטן for קרובץ was R, Elazar b Hakalir.
In his פיוטים, he generally follows the Yerushalmi
over  Bavli.

According to the Yerushalmi, (& Tosefta) the
Bracha of את צמח and וירושלים עירך, are combined
into one Bracha. 
(18 Brachos includes ולמלשינים)

Hence, no קרובץ for  את צמח


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