Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Standing up for the עשרת הדברות*

               Standing up for the עשרת הדברות*

1) The שו"ת הרמב"ם: מ"ד  says not to stand up when the עשרת הדברות

are read. (**תערומת המינים)

2) The יעב"ץ-חיד"א etc. hold of the Minhag of standing up for the עשרת הדברות.

3) The איגרות משה (O.Ch. 4 - 22) says even if your Minhag is to remain seated, if you are in a Shul where they stand up you must stand up. (פורש מן הציבור)

4) Harav Hagaon R. Y. S. Elyashiv zt"l said (שיעורי ברכות י"ב ע"א) "Even when in a Shul where they all stand you should not stand up (if you are sitting) because standing up for the עשרת הדברות is נגד (against ) Halacha".

*Standing up before and remaining in that position during the  קריאת עשרת הדברות is not a problem.
** Christians etc. who believe  only in the ten commandments.

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