Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Answer To Yesterdays Riddle


How  can you perform the Mitzvah of  פדיון הבן without having any כהן involved?

According to Tosfos, (Kiddushin 8a dh R. Kahane 2nd Tirutz) one may use a כהנת for Pidyon Haben. (even after she marries a Yisroel)

Hence a Pidyon Haben without a Kohen

The Ch. Sofer writes If a כהן isn't available and the person who never had a Pidyon is in the Gevuros (the eighties) or a זריז who has no access to a כהן on the
30th day (they both don't want to take chances of dying before having performed the Mitzvah)

They should use a כהנת without making  the Bracha. They should make a תנאי that if no כהן will be found, then she shall be the redeemer.

Shulchan Aruch: (Y.D.61:8) "Matnas Kehuna may be
given to a כהנת (female) even if she is married to a Yisroel. "

The Chasam Sofer (Shu"t Y.D.301)
writes he used to give* the זרוע ולחיים  (right arm & bottom cheek with tongue) to his brother in law** (who was married to a כהנת)

*Halachically not necessary

**This Teshuva is dated before the Petirah
of his first wife, therefore, it must have 
been R' Hirsh Yervitz zt"l  & not the Eiger/Ginz brothers

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