Wednesday, December 19, 2018

הפגנות לשם שמים

              הפגנות לשם שמים

R. S.Z. Auerbach zt"l writes (Halichos Shlomo 1:34) 

" One must be careful to act לשם שמים.
If one has a non-Frum person in his house and the norm  would be to serve him food & drink. The Halacha (O.Ch. 169:2) forbids us from serving them food unless they will wash (Netilas Yodayim) and make the appropriate Brachos.

However, if the non-Frum person will feel offended (even if he was asked politely) to wash etc. and might hate Shomrei Torah Umitzvohs  for acting this way, then it is better to disregard the Halacha in Shulchan Aruch of not feeding them because them hating Frum Yidden 
is a bigger מכשול."

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