Tuesday, November 16, 2021

male & female traits-

ותצא דינה בת לאה 

The Sefer (אפריון (ר' שלמה גאנצפריד writes :
 The reason the Torah points out that דינה was בת לאה, is to teach us that the reason דינה was a יצאנית, (an outgoing person) which is usually a male trait because she was  בת לאה who Davened that the male she was carrying should change gender and become a female. Therefore she still had in her some male tendencies e.g. outgoing personality.

The Sefer
(יערי ודבשי (הרב נסים דיין writes, The reason Yosef was מסלסל בשערו, (curled his hair) was because the תרגום המיוחס ליונתן בן עוזיאל writes,
" ואתחלפו עובריא והוה יתיב יוסף במעהא דרחל ודינה במעהא דלאה"  Yosef  started off originally as a female in Rochel's womb and  changed into a male when Dina was switched into a female.
Therefore Yosef still had female traits e.g. curling his hair.

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