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Parshas Lech Lecha- Are You Allowed To Daven At Kever Rochel

לז"נ הקדושים
,הרב הגאון ר' מרדכי יהודה דונט
ראש ישיבת הרמה פרעסבורג
 אשתו, ושמונה בניהם הי"ד י' מרחשון

                             DAVENING AT KEVER ROCHEL
                         ARE YOU ALLOWED TO?

In Shulchan Aruch
(Y.D. 367:3) it says “You may not Daven within 4 אמות of a Kever". (לועג לרש)

The שו"ת מנחת אלעזר ח"ג: נ"ג  struggles to find a Heter to Daven at  Kever Rochel & קברי צדיקים.

At the end of a lengthy Teshuva, he is מתיר to Daven at Kever Rochel etc. since the צדיק (Rochel) brings up our תפילות to the כסא הכבוד, therefore, our Davening there  becomes a לכבוד המת which is מותר as mentioned in Shulchan Aruch ס' י"ז) מותר לומר פסוקים ודרשה לכבוד המת  (שד"מ

The גשר החיים כ"ט ס"ק י"א  writes,"R. Shmuel Salant zt"l was מקפיד not to Daven in the inner room of Kever Rochel, so as not be עובר the איסור of לועג לרש".

Kever Rachel


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  1. The Vilna Gaon wrote a famous letter
    to his family (the Igeret HaGra)
    which teaches that Jews should avoid
    unnecessary visits to cemeteries.


    Sefer Pele Yoetz, chapter Tumah:

    “The Arizal warned us to NOT
    visit a cemetery except to bury a dead person.”

    Arizal was Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, born 1534, died 1572.

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