Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Did You Know (188)

At the end of התרת נדרים, after the Bais Din said הכל יהיו מותרים לך,
one  is מוסר מודעה (notifies Bais Din) and says  that he nullifies
from now on all future נדרים ושבועות etc.

According to Harav S.Z. Auerbach Zt"l, There is no need
to nullify the future נדרים etc. in front of a Bais Din.
One can say the Nusach at home. There is no
need to be מוסר מודעה to Bais Din of his intention.


  1. According to this there would be no reason to have a Bais Din every year. The first you one would make a Bais Din, do התרת נדרים followed by being מוסר מודעה for future vows (there or at home). In future years one would just need to be מוסר מודעה for future vows in private and never need to form a Bais Din.

    Is there an opinion that being מוסר מודעה doesn't work for future vows, and that one still needs to do התרת נדרים?

  2. How many poskim agree with Rabbi S.Z. Auerbach about this?


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