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13th Av- How to learn the Teshuvas of Chasam Sofer

                             How to learn the Teshuvas of Chasam Sofer

It was asked from The Tchebiner Rav zt”l  how to date letters & documents written in the month of Av.

He told them the answer can be found in the Teshuvos Chasam Sofer.

They came back to the Tchebiner Rav and told him they searched the whole Sefer and couldn’t find any such discussion.

He told them, “when learning a Teshuvas Chasam Sofer, it is not enough to learn the text, but one needs to study how he

dated the Teshuva as well. Teshuvos written before Tisha B'av are dated "Av" and the ones that were written after 

Tisha B'av are dated " Menachem Av" or just "Menachem".

I leafed through the seven volumes of Shu”t  Ch. S. (1246 Teshuvos) and found, there are approximately 150 Teshuvous

written by the Chasam Sofer in the month of Av. All of them follow the rule of the TchebinerRav zt”l, The ones dated 

before 9th Av are dated as Av. The ones after 9th Av are dated as Menachem Av

However, there are two days, the 13th and 15th of Av  where the Ch. S. dates them Av, (no Menachem) even though they are 

after 9th Av.

Perhaps, the 15th of Av being it is mentioned in the Mishna (end m. Ta’anis) as Chamisha Asar B’av, The Ch. S. didn’t  want to 

change from the Loshon of the Mishna*

On the 13th of Av, the only explanation I can think of,  being it is the Yahrzeit of his first 
Rebbetzin   שרה מלכה בת ר' משה ירביץ מפרוסניץ who died without children.

15th of Av                      13th of Av
O.Ch. 60                         O.Ch. 115 
Y.D. 129                          O.Ch. 158
E.H. 2: 72                        Y.D. 43
Chelek 6: 41
Chelek 7: 18

*There is one Teshuva (E.H. 2 : 125) on the 15th  he dated as Menachem

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