Friday, June 29, 2018

בלי עין הרע

According to תוס' הרי"ד, (Bava Kama 83a) a person can bring an עין רעה on oneself.

He explains the Pasuk  " 'איכה ג)   "עיני עוללה לנפשי מכל בנות עירי)
" My own (bad) eye did harm on myself, more than all daughters of my city" 

Some learn Pshat in the Gemoro (Brachos 55b)
     one places on himself  עין רע    refers to the  "ואי דחיל מעינא בישא דיליה"

The רע"ב (Bartenura) explains the Mishna in Avos (Perek 2)   ר"י אומר עין הרע - מוציאין את האדם מן העולם
The  עין הרע is not from others on him but from the person himself. By not being satisfied with the things he
has and being jealous of others, this is the cause for him to be removed from the world. 

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