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24 wagon loads of the Talmud burnt

                      24 wagon loads of the Talmud burnt                                

עש"ק פרשת חקת In the year 1244, they burned the Talmud in the main square of Paris. R. Yechiel of Paris had a talmid named 
Nicholas Donin שר"י, who became a משומד. He went to the pope accusing the Talmud of being against  
the נוצרים & אותו האיש.

R. Yechiel of Paris and R. Moshe miKutzi (סמ"ג) tried to defend the Talmud but to no success.

After the burning of the Talmud, R. Yechiel of Paris moved to עכו. Hence the first of the Ba’alei Tosfos in Eretz Yisroel.

The Maharam Mi Rottenberg wrote a  קינה about the burning of the Talmud. Ashkenazim say this   קינה
on Tisha B'av (שאלי שרופה באש -קינה מ"א

One of the powerful stanzas of the קינה.

               "אוריד דמעות עדי יהיו כנחל ויגיעו לקברות שני אציליך משה ואהרן בהר ההר ואשאל היש תורה חדשה בכן נשרפו גליליך"

"I will shed tears until they flow like a river and reach the graves of your two princes Moishe & Aaron who are resting on the 
mountain of Hor.
And I will ask them, Is there a Torah that is new and therefore your scrolls have been burnt"

R.Hillel Verona* writes the Talmud was burnt on the same square, the opponents of the Rambam burned the Moreh Nevuchim a
few years earlier.
They finally realized that they had wronged the Rambam.

*Talmid of R. Yonah who was originally an opponent of the Rambam.

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