Friday, February 23, 2018

Zecher or Zeicher- What's the issue

Zecher or Zeicher- What's the issue

The word for “memory” is apparently “zeicher” (Tehillim 111:4). The question is whether “memory of”
changes to zecher.

According to the Mesora, it is Zeicher and therefore in Ashkenazi Shuls (Yekes) they don't repeat it since Mesora
overrides Dikduk.

I think it is the Mishna Verurah to be one of the first Poskim who writes to repeat it twice*, although Minhag Chabad &
other Chasidim is to do so as well.

*There seems to be a Machlokes between R.Chaim Volozhiner & the Ma'aseh Rav how the Gaon read it and if he changed his mind later on in life.

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