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Why not to say פרשת המן

                         Why not to say פרשת המן                                                              


Shulchan Aruch ( O.Ch 1: 23) “It is good to say פרשת המן. So that you will believe, Parnasa is השגחה פרטית

The ערוך השלחן writes,” Our Minhag is not to say it (פרשת המן). There is no mention of פרשת המן in Shas "

The פריישה claims there is a ירושלמי (Brachos) that speaks about the Segula  of פרשת המן.” The ערוך השלחן writes

he couldn’t find this ירושלמי. (It hasn't been found since) He continues, The reason for not saying פרשת המן is threefold

a) The Parsha mentions numerous times the Bnai Yisroel's

complaints of not having food.  

b) The complaints on the מן

c) The Midrash writes  Hashem said  “I don’t need  your

      complaints and not your praises." (on the מן)

The (משנה ברורה (א:ס"ק י"ב writes " Someone who is a בעל תורה and has a heart to understand & learn should rather learn than to say the תחינות & בקשות printed in the Siddurim. 

The כף החיים quotes from the אריז"ל, לחם חמודות, (תו"ס יו"ט) & אליה רבא who all claim that learning Torah takes precedence over saying these תפילות. 

According to the רמבם*, If the sole purpose of saying the Parsha, is to have the Segulah of Parnasah, it is considered כפירה. "They make the Divrei Torah a רפואת הגוף and it isn’t but a רפואת הנפש"

The farmer explained the Selichos prayer. "This is a special prayer we say so the cows should produce lots of milk, The chickens should produce lots of large eggs.The geese should produce large fatty livers etc."[based on the tales of R. Shmuel Munkes zt"l Talmid of Baal Hatanya]

Many ads today in the Frum media, seems like they are reaching to the masses who think exactly like the farmer.

*(Hl. Avoda Zarah (Perek 11) 

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