Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Four Questions For Tu Bishvat

1) Which fruit, that its Bracha is פרי העץ
if you made a האדמה on it, you were not

A fruit that was grown in a flower pot with
no hole at the bottom.
(based on the Chaya Adam Hl. Birchas Hanehenin
51:17- Harav Hagaon R, Dov Landau Shlita)

2) When do you have someone eating from
the Shivas Haminim, the Bracha Rishono
is פרי העץ and the Bracha Achrono is
בורא נפשות.

A fruit salad consisting of 1/3 pomegranate(שבעת המינים)
and 2/3 assorted other fruits. The רוב
is a  פרי העץ and the רוב is a בורא נפשות.
( Harav Hagaon R. Avrohom Ganchovsky zt"l
Sefer Bar Almogim #148:2)

3) When should you Daven for a nice Esrog?

According to the בני יששכר on Tu B'shvat
According to the Gemoro on Shavuos
(בעצרת על פירות האילן)

4) What is the only Halacha in Shulchan Aruch
re Tu B'shvat?

Not to say תחנון on Tu B'Shvat. (O.Ch. 131:6)
Eating fruits is not mentioned in S.Aruch. It is the
Mogen Avraham who brings this Minhag Ashkenaz.

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