Monday, January 1, 2018

first Hatzalah responder in history

Parshas Hashavua

                       The sixth reason

Rashi gives one of the five* reasons mentioned
in Midrash, why יוכבד was called שפרה,
"because she cleaned up the baby after birth".

The Bal Haturim gives an additional reason
that the name comes from the word שפופרת
She had a tube to blow air into the lungs of 
babies who didn't breath. 
(first Hatzalah responder in history)

1.       שהיתה משפרת את התינוק*
2.       שפרו ורבו ישראל עליה
3.       ששפרו מעשיהלפני האלוקים
4.       משפרת על דברי בתה
שהעמידה ישראל לאלקים 

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  1. Wow,
    "C.P.R." has the same phonetic shoresh as found in the word 'Shifra'...Shin (Sin), Pei, Reish


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