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                            CHOCOLATES FOR TU B’SHVAT

Many Chasidic Rebbes have a Minhag on ט”ו בשבט to have pineapples decorating the fruit plate (some even eat it) at the Tish.

There are Poskim who say not to eat any פרי האדמה with the Tu B’Shvat fruits so as not to confuse the Rosh Hashana of 

פירות האילן with פרי אדמה

 It might have been more appropriate to have chocolates for Tu B’Shvat.

Many Poskim have difficulty understanding why our Minhag is to make a שהכל on chocolates when Halachically it should have been a פרי העץ

 Harav Y.S. Elyashiv zt”l & Harav S.Z. Auerbach zt”l both held that the appropriate Bracha for chocolate should be פרי העץ   
 but since the velt (the common practice) makes a שהכל we follow Minhag Haolam and make a שהכל.

They both hold* if a פרי העץ was made on fruits and chocolates were at the table, then you shouldn't make a שהכל  on the 

chocolates, being you were Yotzei with the פרי העץ.

The ספר מקור הברכה (Dayan R.G. Krausz shlita) says that The minhag of the velt is a mistake, It came about from

the שערי תשובה ר”ב ס”ק י”ט who writes to make a שהכל on שעקלדי (chocolate)

R.G. Krausz writes that the שערי תשובה  was referring to a chocolate drink and the velt mistakenly assumed he meant chocolates (solid)

 R.G.Krausz holds, לכתחילה to make a פרי העץ on chocolates.

 * Igros Moshe 3:31 seems to argue

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