Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Answer To Riddle On Parshas Bo

1) Who was בן יקא ?  
Shlomo Hamelech
2) What connection does  בן יקא have with Parshas בא?
Al Pi Sod

The זהר פרשת בא says, Shlomo Hamelech had seven names
**שלמה , ידידיה , *אגור , בן יקא  , איתיאל , למואל , קהלת

The משנת חכמים ***  ( s 332-334) writes,
“When the Zohar was originally discovered, it wasn’t  set up
on Parshas Hashavua. At a later date, it was set it up on Parshas
Hashavua. It is unknown who did it  and why he put in certain
Ma’amorim in a particular Parsha. He must have had a reason
"על פי סוד

*The  (ספר האגור (ר'יעקב בן ר' יהודה לנדא writes the Hakdama
with the pen name אגור  בן יקא explaining himself that
he is about to spew out (publicize) all he has
gathered (see Rashi & Metzudas Mishlei 30:1)

**According to the Midrash only 3 names  שלמה  ידידיה קהלת   

*** Maharam Chagiz

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