Tuesday, December 19, 2017


 לזכות נשמת אבי מורי *ר' צבי יהודה (האשי) בן ר' משה ע"ה. נפטר א' דר"ח טבת (ל' כסליו) ה'תשס"ו

Halachos on Kiddush- heard from Moreinu V.Rabeinu 
Harav Hagaon R.Shlomo Miller Shlita
by Harav Hagaon R. Yehudah Gestetner** Shlita
** Mechaber Sefer שבת שלמה

It's best to make Kiddush on wine, grape juice, beer or
a full רביעית of whiskey.
If the above is not available, it's better to make Kiddush 
on a full cup of coffee than on a small whiskey glass.

When making Kiddush on coffee:

1) It's preferable to use a quality coffee (Starbucks etc.)
The better the quality the more it is qualified as חמר מדינה

2) The coffee should be filled to the top of the cup.

3) Hot coffee should not be completely cooled off.

4) The coffee should not be too hot as you are meant to
drink a מלא לוגמיו (between 2-3 oz. depending on the 
size of individuals mouth) in one gulp.

5) B'dieved even if you sip the coffee and finish the

Shiur within 5 minutes, you are Yotzei.

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