Monday, October 23, 2017

The Story -Parshas Lech Lecha

Whats the Story 

The story :

The Seder Hadoros (year 1948) writes:

The night Avraham Avinu was born Nimrod's elders & magicians came to celebrate in Terach's house.
As they left the house they looked up  at the sky and saw one large star swallowing up four other stars.

The magicians told this to the king (Nimrod) and recommended that the child should be killed.

The king went to Terach and asked him for his son. After a long discussion, Terach asked the king to hold off for three days. After the three days, Terach gave the king a baby boy born to one of his slaves.

Terach took his son Avram and hid him for ten* years underground so that no one would suspect him of what
he actually did.

This is what the Payton was referring to when he wrote "ונחבא בארץ י"ג שנים שלמים ולא ראה שמש וירח"

*The Girsa in our Piyut is 13 years

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