Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How Words Can Make A Sukka Kosher -Answer To The Sukka Riddle


A Sukah, higher than 20 Amos is Posul.
If you place straw etc. on the floor of
the Sukah and thereby reducing
the inside  height, it is kosher, only if
you are מבטל בפה the straw
to the floor.( you must verbalize &
say, you plan to keep the straw there)
O. Ch. 633 – 4

Many tried to answer that he was Moichel
the Gazlan who stole his Sukah.
It's a good answer but you don't need
to verbalize the Mechila (you can write, motion etc.)

Similarly we have the following case

A 2 walled Sukah built in a מבוי one may consider
the לחי  of the מבוי as a Mechitza  (3d wall) on
Shabbos Sukos only.
The reason is because of מיגו . Since it
is considered a Mechitza for Shabbos it is also
considered  a Mechitza for the Sukah.
This Sukah is kosher only on Shabbos.If someone 
makes early Shabbos
By saying Kapital #92 (Mizmor Shir Leyom
Hashabbos)  he is Mekabel Shabbos,
then this Sukah becomes Kosher.
O.Ch. 630 : 7

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