Thursday, August 17, 2017

Proud to be an Ashkenazi Jew

Proud to be an Ashkenazi Jew

In Siddur Rashi(13) it says: “All Kehilos in Ashkenaz are known for their thousand Tovos & Brachos. All of them are filled with תורה ומצוות like a רימון. Their מעשים are beautiful. They are מחמיר in checking Treifos, Tevilas Nidah & wherever it is appropriate to be מחמיר".

The Ramban in his Hakdamah to Kunteres Dinei Garmi writes: "The חכמי הצרפתים (French Ba’alei Tosfos) are our teachers and they uncover for us all the hidden things in the Torah".

The Maharshal (Hakdamah Chulin Y.S.S.) writes:
"Even though he ( Ramban) was a Sefardi, he recognized the truth and praised the ones who are praiseworthy."  

The Rosh (Teshuvah 20:20) writes:" He only eats what has aמסורה from חכמי אשכנז. The Torah
 has been their ירושה since the חורבן הבית".

The Leket Yosher( p118) quotes the Maharash mi Neustadt: "The reason Torah has held on in Ashkenaz more than in the other countries because the Yidden lend their money to the Nochri and charge them interest. They don’t need to work and have time to learn. Those who don’t learn support the Lomdei Torah, with their profits".

Reb Yakov Emdin (Mor Uketzia 53) writes: “My heart is happy and I thank Hashem with all my heart that he made me an Ashkenazi".

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