Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Answer To Riddle

The ערוך השלחן (O.Ch.581:12) writes,
“It is forbidden to blow Shofar the entire month of
Ellul , in the night time, even if it’s done just for
practice. The reason is, not to awaken the negative 
forces of the night.”(Kabbalistic)

The טור (O.Ch. 581) writes that in אשכנז
the Minhag is to blow Shofar every morning
and evening (בכל בקר וערב )

R. Moishe zt”l (Igros Moishe O.Ch. 4, 21,) writes
“It is מסתבר (makes sense) Erev is not 

in the night-time , but  during the daytime,

either after Mincha* or after early Ma’ariv. (They
used to Daven Ma’ariv in the daytime).”

*The Chaya Adam, brings the Minhag of blowing

after Mincha

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