Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Why Do We Do It -Vort For Parshas Voeschanan

Parshas Hashavua

על מזוזות ביתך            

There is a מחלוקת רש"י ור"ת if a Mezuzah must be placed 
vertically (רש"י) or horizontally (ר"ת) 

The רמ"א (Y.D.289:6) quotes the טור בשם הסמ"ק "The 
מדקדקים place their Mezuzah at an angle so to be Yotzei 
both שיטות."

Why when placing the Mezuzah at an angle  
will you be Yotzie both שיטות? Maybe you won't be 
Yotzie any שיטה since it is not vertical and not horizontal?

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