Monday, June 12, 2017

Chof Sivan

כ' סיון                    
In 1171, 31 Yidden were burned in the city of Blois France.
1) R.Tam was Gozer Ta'anis on כ' סיון  He said that this Ta'anis
is greater than Tzom Gedalya being it is like Yom Kippur.

2) After the גזרת ת"ח ות"ט  (Chmelnitski ym"s 1648-9) The Va'ad
Arba Artzos reintroduced the Ta'anis of  סיון 'כ
The מגןאברהם ס' תקפ ס"ק ה writes נוהגיןלהתענות כ' סיון בכל מלכות פולין

3) In 1946, The Gedolim in Hungary chose כ' סיון  as the day to commemorate the Holocaust by fasting and  Slichos.
A special Selichos for כ' סיון was printed in Budapest.

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