Friday, March 3, 2023

Yotzros-Parshas Zochor

Acheinu Bnei Eidus Hamizrach (Sefardim)  don't say Yotzros except for once 
a year and that is on Shabbos Parshas Zachor. 

The Piyutim are said before Krias Hatorah (some say it after Krias Hatorah) 
It is called Mi Kamocha and starts with the Piyut  from R.Yehuda Halevi "Adon Chasdecha"

The Seder Hadoros writes:
 When R. Yehudah Halevi wrote the Piyut "Adon Chasdecha"
he took a break at the Stanza of the letter Reish.

The Ibn Ezra passed by and continued on his own  
the Stanza on the letter Reish.

R.Y.Halevi was so impressed with the stanza
that  he left it in the Piyut and continued on. 
He also took him as a son in law because of this.

Hence two stanzas for the letter Reish.

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