Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Four Senses

              *The four Brachos of Havdalah

The first Bracha Pri Hagafen is for the sense of taste.

The second Bracha Minei Besamim is for sense of smell.

The third Bracha Meorei Ha'aish is for sense of sight.

The fourth Bracha Hamavdil is for the sense of understanding.

The first sense is the lowest level. The mouth needs touch 
the food (wine) in order to taste it.

The second sense doesn't require contact but is limited to 
a certain distance to be able to smell.

The third sense, "sight" has also its limits but the distance of 
sight goes much further than smell.

"Understanding" is the highest level. There are no limitations. 

One can understand things happening on the other side of 
the globe and beyond.

The Ribono Shel Olam created man in that order.The brains 
on top of the eyes, the eyes on top of the nose and the nose 
on top of the mouth.

*רשב"ץ מגן אבות ח"ג

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  1. And all the brachos are recited aloud = hearing.


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