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4) Why do the Bechorim fast on Erev Pesach?
 Why not have a special Yom Tov for being
5) Why is there a Chiyuv for the parent of a child
who hasn't even reached the age of Chinuch to
fast for the child?

*חלבי ודמי הנמעט בצומי                            
For Ta’anis Bechorim, a father or a mother is required
to fast for their child who is under Bar Mitzvah even  if
the child hasn't  reached the age of Chinuch.
No other Ta’aneisim is a parent required to fast for their child.

Ta’anis Bechorim is different than the other Fast days.
Fasting on the other days is done strictly for the Mitzvah. 
Only Gedolim are Mechuyav to perform Mitzvohs.   
Fasting Ta’anis Bechorim is  for protection of the Bechor. 
All Bechorim regardless of age, need the protection.

The first nine Makos didn’t need a special protection for the
Bnei Yisroel. It was sent specifically, to the Mitzrim.
Makas Bechoros was different. It was sent down to all inhabitants
 of Mitzrayim, Yidden & Mitzrim.

For the  Jewish Bechorim not to die, they required Dam Pesach &
 Dam Milah for protection. They also weren’t allowed to leave 
the house. The Bechorim needed this special protection from 
the Makah.

Chazal instituted Ta’anis Bechorim to commemorate the special
protection that was and is still needed  to save the Bechorim 
from death  ח"ו. 
The same way that in Mitzrayim all Bechorim (even infants
needed the protection of the Dam so too today even infants
need the protection of the fast. (אמב)צי)

*Selicha Yom Kippur  Koton (Masas Chapai-R. Mordechai b. Shabsi Aruch

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